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    hand-assembled into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry

    "and they all have stories to tell"


    Assembled of vintage components from China, India, Turkey, Morocco and Ethiopa

    Assembled of vintage components from Thailand, France, Central Asia, India and Turkey

    A visual exploration of the inspiration and jewelry of Judith Altman Designs

    Take a look at my travel photography, see where I have been and what has inspired me

  • About the Artist

    Judith Altman


    I have always been fascinated with cultures around the world and throughout history. Especially with the extraordinary and diverse ways that people create art. This curiosity ignites my creativity and informs my jewelry designs. I work with eclectic gemstones, ethnographic and vintage components and original hand fabrications to create ample and generous pieces. 

    A Global Story

    Living abroad most of the year, my travels take me to bazaars, souks, flea markets and workshops around the globe, where I collect stones, coins, artifacts and amulets - some ancient, some recent - which I then incorporate into contemporary, one-of-a-kind designs. Each piece tells a story of exotic places, ancient civilizations, symbolic meanings and the beauty and wonder of nature.


    My private studio is a creative space, filled with extensive collections of turquoise, jade, coral, amber and pearls. It brims with diverse assortments of tibetan pendants, tribal beads, antique carved jade and many other treasures I have collected on my travels around the world. Their endless colors, shapes and textures provide me with limitless inspiration. 

    The Journey

    Many years ago I studied the History of Art at Rutgers University and the University of London before going on to receive an MBA. After a successful corporate career in consumer products, fashion apparel and textiles I launched Judith Altman Designs. This lucky life enables me to live happily at the intersection of art and commerce.

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    Trade Shows

    High Point Market

    Suites at Market Square, M-6013

    April 16 - 20, 2016

    October 22 - 26, 2016


    Wholesale show. To the Trade only.

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